Children's Parties

We are now able to run Laser tag games 7 days a week. Week days are more flexible so contact us for your requirements here. Saturdays and Sundays run at the scheduled times below.

PLEASE ensure that all players meet in the parking lot 15 to 20 minutes before the games are due to start. Actual playtime lasts for 1 and a half hours with an extra half hour after to allow time to blow out candles on the cake and wind down the event.

Arrival 09h15 - playing time 09h30 till 11h00 - leave the field at 11h30

Arrival 11h15 - playing time 11h30 till 13h00 - leave the field at 13h30

Arrival 13h15 - playing time 13h30 till 15h00 - leave the field at 15h30

Arrival 15h15 - playing time 15h30 till 17h00 - leave the field at 17h30

We play a number of different games including the basic team game, medic-in-the-field as well as body-guard and last-man-standing to end off the excitement! Each game is roughly 10 minutes long with breaks between games allowing the children time to swap stories, snack and re-energise for their next game! Game times may vary according to the players skills.

Party Catering

Please bring along your own catering for your party. Some ideas inlcude pizza, hotdogs, doughnuts, chips, popcorn, cupcakes etc. We don't allow open fires, but if you would like to bring along a skottel braai and make boerewors rolls or hotdogs, please do so! During the winter months, a flask of coffee or tea is also a good idea for the moms and dads!

Some fold out chairs or picnic blankets are also a good idea to bring along.

At Imhoff, the Imhoff Farmstall and other restaurants are close by for lifting parents to go and have a quiet tea or coffee whilst waiting or can even join in the fun with the children.